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Our Story

We started hideout vodka with the mission to make a premium vodka that's smooth and pleasant, but full of character to complement any cocktail or straight martini you may desire. We started by choosing corn as our grain. Corn is sweeter and smoother than most other vodka bases. It's also gluten free. It was important for us to make sure our product was superb, so we used only the highest quality ingredients. Our vodka is distilled 4 times to ensure it has the smoothness our drinkers demand.

Every Hideout vodka batch is small. We want to maintain the most control possible over quality. Our home in Scotts Valley California is near the Santa Cruz Mountains. We purify the our water ourselves with the tasty mountain water near our facility. For our clients no there are no shortcuts. 

We hope you enjoy the Hideout Vodka which is our ode to California made spirits. 

Made In California

To be enjoyed with friends wherever your adventures take you

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Our Promise

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Our promise to you is that we will always continue to improve our process and product. We are devoted and obsessed with our customers. We are proud of producing the Hideout vodka and hearing from our drinkers is one of our favorite things. We do everything possible to keep the price of our premium, small batch vodka affordable and we are very grateful for the support of our drinkers. You can find Hideout Vodka in stores near you. 

Our local staff is growing and eager to show you our vodka. All batches are checked by our team to make sure we reach the highest level of spirts perfection on every batch. 

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